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Event and Workshop/Class Information

This is information about all of the events and workshops/classes happening this season. 

Click the button below to sign up for one of these events or workshops/classes.

Figurative Sculpting with Madeline DeStefano

Figurative Sculpting with Madeline DeStefano
April 20th-June 1st (No class May 18th)

Saturday Afternoon  1pm-4pm


This class is open to all skill levels.  We will be exploring a variety of hand building techniques.  Through demos we will learn different approaches for sculpting faces on both open and closed forms, as well as how to add expression to facial features.


$295 includes instruction, 25 lbs. of clay, and firing for up to 10 small to medium pieces.

Hand Building Ceramic Pipes with Tre Thibodeaux

Hand Building Ceramic Pipes with Tre Thibodeaux
May 8th-22nd

Wednesday Nights  6pm-9pm

Make your own ceramic pipes! In this three-week class, you’ll learn basic hand building skills including sculpting, section building & slab building. Enjoy decorating your finished pipes using underglaze painting skills. Open to all skill levels!

$95 includes instruction, materials to make multiple ceramic pipes, and firing for up to 10 pieces.

Annual Dirt Dauber Festival

Annual Dirt Dauber Festival
May 18th & 19th

Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday 12pm-5pm

It's that time of year again, Dirt Dauber! Join us for our annual festival! Free and fun for the whole family. 2 days of music, refreshments, demos, and contests of great skill. Select amazing wares from over 40 artists. Buy a mug, get a drink free! Bring a friend!

We would love to see you out here!

Raku Firing Workshop with Billy Ray Mangham and Rob Sheldon

June 2nd and June 9th

10am-4pm each day


Come play with clay and participate in raku firings with Billy Ray Mangham and Rob Sheldon. The first day will be dedicated to making. Receiving demonstration and guidance from both instructors, participants will make work ideal for the raku process.

The second day, participants will learn about raku glazes and glazing techniques. Participants' work will journey through the magical and captivating firing process.

All skill levels welcome! Participants should dress appropriately for the raku firing process.


$380 includes instruction, materials, firing, and handmade meals each day.

Hand Building and Throwing on the Wheel with Michelle Jane Tupper

Wednesday Nights 6pm-9pm

June 12th-July 24th


Open to all skill levels.

Learn how to make both functional pieces, and sculptural work utilizing both the wheel and hand-building techniques. Class also includes discussion and demonstration on glazing/underglaze techniques, types of firings, texture integration, making a mock-up, one part molds, reconstituting clay, making/using tools.


$315 includes 25lbs. of clay, use of a wide range of tools, firing, access to open studio hours, underglaze/glazes, plus a notebook for documenting sketches and ideas. Class is limited to 9 participants.

Wheel Throwing with Kym Owens

Thursday Mornings 10am-1pm

June 13th-July 25th


This wheel throwing class is open to all skill levels. There will be demos and hands-on instruction. Whether you are a beginner or someone who has been making pots for awhile, Owens will teach you how to improve and grow your throwing techniques. 

Some clay experience is encouraged but not required. 


$315 includes instruction, 25 lbs. of clay and up to 10 glazed fired pieces. 

Wheel Throwing with Rob Sheldon

Thursday Nights 6pm - 9pm

June 13th-July 25th


This 7 week course is open to all skill levels. In the class participants will learn centering, opening, pulling, shaping and more.


$315 includes instruction and a day of open studio for all participants, includes 25lbs. of clay, glazes, and firing of up to 10 pieces.

Class is limited to 9 participants.

Fun With Dragons Workshop with Bridget Hauser

Fun With Dragons Workshop with Bridget Hauser
June 22nd-23rd 

10am-4pm each day


Small sculpture fun with Dragons (and other mythical creatures) in the year of the Dragon.


"In Chinese culture, the 'loong – people usually call it the dragon – symbolizes nobility, good fortune and vitality. It is going to be a year of auspicious opportunities, and dragon-sized blessings for us all!”
If dragons aren't your gig, create your own mythical creature!

Open to all skill levels.

Maximum 12 students.


$325 includes instruction, clay, firing of one piece, and a delicious homemade lunch each day.

Printing on Clay Workshop with Mary Fischer

July 27th-28th  10am-4pm each day


All skill levels welcome!

We will use mason stains and slips to learn several techniques for printing on clay.  We will also learn to make ceramic Ink used for printing etching plates, linoleum block, and laser photocopies. Some of these techniques are used by printmakers who use paper and a press. We are translating these techniques to clay. Using ceramic Ink, we can print photographs using a lithographic process.  Using slips we can do the equivalent of making mono prints. 

Participants are encouraged to bring images they wish to work with (photographs, drawings, linoleum blocks, etching plates, or laser photographs). 


$350 includes instruction, materials, and a handmade lunch each day.

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