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Prep Days - Jan 23rd , Jan 27th , Jan 31st , Feb 3rd ,Feb 8th
Loading Feb 26th - Feb 28th (Monday - Wednesday) 10am - 5pm
Firing March 1st -> Dec 2nd (Friday AM - Sat Evening)
Unloading - TBD will send out survey to all involved to decide the date

Participation options listed below.
● Work Trade crew (50$) 6X
○ - 2 prep days, 1 loading shift and 2 firing shifts. To do work trade you must be capable of working on your feet for a minimum of 6 hours, comfortable working with power tools (we will teach you and have all safety equipment) and capable of lifting 50LB and moving kiln shelves and/or firewood. Thank you to the work trade folks - without them this wouldn't be possible.

● Regular Participant (150$) X3
○ - 1 prep day, 1 loading shift and 1 firing shifts (6hr each)
● 1/2 participant shares ($90) X1
○ - 1 prep + 1 firing shift
● Drop off (295$) X2
○ -Any participation optional - none required.
● Half drop off shares ($175) X2
● Waitlist/ Overflow / No Guarantees ($1) x 5
○ This is a new option comparable to a waitlist. You bring a tote full of pots ready to go during loading which are then on stand-by. Every firing there is a varying amount of work each participant brings. This helps us be less tempted to oversell the firing, but while able to have extra pots on hand if/when we have extra room.
To help us have the best packed kiln. Cost and pay is determined after firing
-Only pay for what ended up getting fired at rates described above.

"Trial Run" X 6
● "Trial Run" is $1.00 after tax? and is great for those just wanting to get A FEW SMALL test pieces in and be part of the firing. This is a way for new folks to learn and to get involved in future firings here at the Eye.
● MUST Work 1 six hour PREP DAY - dates listed above.
○ IN exchange for a few small tester pieces to get an idea if it might be something you are interested in participating more in the future once you see the process and results.


All participation options get the same 3 x 2.5 ft of table space to fill with work to get sent through. Half shares get half of this. If you have a lot of large tall things you will likely get less # pots over all in and alternatively if you have a lot of small short stuff you will get more in. If you are not using glaze can include stacks of work. All tables will be set up and labeled to ensure equal space is allocated to each participant. A Google doc spreadsheet will be emailed shortly after checkout - it is through this that you sign up for prep days, loading shifts, and firing shifts.

Trial Run for Wood Fire

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