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Intermediate Throwing with Soda Firing with Nick Fletcher

Mondays 6pm-9pm

Learn how to set yourself up to make larger work and combine several construction techniques on and off of the wheel. We will begin by learning sectional throwing, and coil throwing. These techniques will serve as the foundation of the class and will continue to practice them throughout the duration of the class as you learn how to apply them depending on the
form you are making. Explore making handbuilt and wheel thrown components to attach to your forms
combining techniques learned to achieve results not possible on their own. Get creative. Play to your strengths and interests. Whether you are interested in functional or sculptural, geometric or organic, realism or abstract, this class will teach you techniques to make larger work and explore new possibilities.
Finish the class with a bang and finish fire the work made in class in the Eye of the Dog's cross-draft down-draft soda kiln, Desdemona . Learn the basics of soda firing as Nick walks you
through the entire process.
Week 1 - Introduction March 6th
● Coil throwing
Week 2 - Practicing March 13
● Sectional throwing
Week 3 - Practicing March 20
● Altering off wheel (cutting things up and assembling on slab)
● Sprigs/press molds - bring in objects if desired
Week 4 - March 27
● Work day
● Encouraged to work from sketches/maquette if attempting anything sizable.
Week 5 - April 3rd
● Last wet work day
● Quick slide show showing basics of Soda Firing
Week 6-Last Class April 10th -

$270 includes instruction, 25 lbs of clay, and soda firing.

Hand-building Class with Billy Ray Mangham

Wednesday Nights 6pm-9pm

This 7 session class will cover all aspects of handbuilding including pinch, coil, soft slab, hard slab, press molds, & slum/hump molds.

Tuition includes 25 lbs. clay, glazes, firing, and 6 hours open studio/practice time.

Billy Ray Mangham brings 50 years experience to this class. He has taught extensively at the Eye of the Dog & has conducted workshops in Canada, California, Colorado, Minnesota, & Texas. He taught at Laguna Gloria & Austin Community College for 9 years before settling in San Marcos. He has a B.A. in ceramics and a M.A. & M.F.A. in sculpture.

Exploratory Ceramics Class with Michelle Jane Tupper

Tuesday 6pm-9pm

March 14th-April 25th

Each class will start with a discussion on some basic techniques.
Examples are throwing archetypal forms, handbuilding, surface
treatment, glazing/slip techniques, and multiple firing methods.
The second half of class will be a demonstration relating to what
was discussed. Followed by free work time to start on individual
projects. There will be the option for each student to choose from a
list of prompt ideas or to explore their own creative endeavors. The
prompts will vary from using recyclables as inspiration,
incorporating wheel thrown objects into a sculpture, or recreating
something you saw in a dream.  Each student will make five-ten sculptures or functional wares. Students can join constructive critique at the end of the 7 weeks.

$315 includes instruction, 25 lbs of clay, firing and glazes.

Throwing On The Wheel With Rob Sheldon

Thursday Evenings  6pm - 9pm

Open to all skill levels!   Come and further your abilities or begin a new journey in wheel throwing.  This 7 week class will provide you with enough information and hands on experience to create pots you'll love.  We will cover wedging, centering, pulling even walls, multiple handle making methods and more!

$315 includes instruction and a reserved open studio day for all participants, 25 lbs. of clay, glazes and firing of up to 10 pieces. Class limited to 9 participants.

Art and Fun 101

With Tawni Bates

Tuesday Nights  6pm - 9pm

In this 6 week class, participants will use different forms of art to explore creative avenues and expand their skills. Each week dive into a different art form, learn basics about the medium, then create something unique and fun.

Week One- Paper Bag Puppets

Make whimsical puppets using paper lunch bags and a multitude of materials.

Week Two- Painting Still Life with Acrylics

Using acrylic paints, design a beautiful still life from a still life arrangement. 

Week Three- Collage Card Making

Design up to 10 greeting cards using a variety of materials.

Week Four- Origami Sculptures

Discover the art of intricately folding paper into 5 different sculptures.

Week Five- Fabric Sculptures

Create small to medium sized stuffed sculptures using fabrics and other materials.

Week Six- Paint Chip Mosaics

On an 8" x 10" canvas, design a landscape using paint chip swatches and glue.

Find the art form that speaks to you. The only limitation is your imagination. Let's make some art and have fun!

$240 includes instruction and materials for all projects.

"Funky Pots" Workshop with Carl Block

March 25th-26th, 10am-4pm each day

Take the historic face jug to new heights with the undisputed master of the medium-- Carl Block. The original face jug was made by enslaved African Americans in the 1800s in North Carolina. They were intended as a warning about the contents which might have been moonshine, medicine, or poison.

Carl has been working with this form for nearly 50 years. His colorful jugs are in several major collections, including the San Angelo Museum of Fine Art and the esteemed University of Arizona collection. Not only is Carl an outstanding potter & craftsman, he is a wonderful story teller, too! Students can be prepared to learn new skills and laugh a lot!

Tuition includes clay, colorants, gormet lunch each day, and one firing.

Throw and Glow

With Rob Sheldon

​Come enjoy a full circle clay experience. During this two hour experience you will learn to throw on the potter's wheel and participate in a raku firing. After glazing bisque ware made by local artists, students will get their hands dirty on the potter's wheel. After the kiln is cooled you will take the finished pieces as a keepsake. The Throw and Glow offers someone with no prior pottery experience an opportunity to take part in all facets of the ceramic process.

$215 couples

$50 each additional person

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