Hand-building with Lindsey Browning

Course Description:
All skill levels are welcome! In this course, we will dive into the vast history of the oldest art medium, clay! Each week we will develop a tactical directory through pinching, rolling, and flattening this receptive material. Armed with this wisdom, we will create a sculpture that reflects our unique qualities and interests. 

Understand the basics of Hand-building with Clay 
Apply the Elements and Principles of Design to a 3-Dimensional Surface 
Learn Problem solving skills 
Learn the historical importance of clay 

Course Outline: 
Week 1: Pinch 
We will begin our dive into the history of clay starting with its first iteration, the Pinched Pot. We will get a sense of the material with repeated pinching. This simple action is meditative, calming and has shown to release endorphins in the body. 

Week 2: Coil
This week we will expand on our understanding of the material and work with coils of clay wrapping around themselves and pinching them together to create larger sculptural forms. We will discuss how the development of civilization was documented in clay. 

Week 3: Slab
With an understanding of the primitive history of the material we will move into traditional and modern applications of ceramics. Our goal for this week will be to transform the 2-dimensional plain into 3-dimensions. We will discuss the elements and principles of design with special attention to how these change in the 3rd dimension. 

Week 4: Combining Techniques 
This week we will begin individual projects that combine 2 or more of the hand-building techniques we’ve learned. This week will center on designing and executing dynamic sculptural works. Here we will look to contemporary ceramic artists that use these techniques.

Week 5: Combining Techniques Continued 
We will continue to develop our problem solving skills and address the various elements of design in our works. 

Week 6: Slip Decoration and Sgraffito 
This week we will look to artists through the ages, focusing on the vast variety in addressing the surface of a 3 dimensional object. We will make critical decisions about our sculptural works.

Week 7: Glazing 
We will expand upon our understanding of addressing the surface of a sculptural form. Looking at artists working today and building on our understanding of sculpture, art and the various ways to make design decisions.

Week 8: Glazing / Discussion 
In our final Week of class we will finalize any works in progress and then take time to discuss our Sculptures. We will discuss construction, design, and glaze decisions we made and the execution of these decisions. 
Your safety is important to us. We practice CDC guidelines with masks and social distancing.

This class is $265 and includes instruction, supplies, and firing of pieces.

Intermediate/Advanced Wheel Throwing with Nick Fletcher

Wednesdays 1pm-4pm

January19th-March 9th

Learn how to set yourself up for success when working big and elevate your work by combining several construction techniques on and off of the wheel.  We will begin by learning coil construction, sectional throwing, and coil throwing. These techniques will serve as the foundation of the class and will continue to practice them throughout the duration of the class as you learn how to apply them depending on the form you are making. 

Explore making hand-built and wheel thrown components to attach to your forms combining techniques learned to achieve results not possible on their own. Get creative. Play to your strengths and interests. Whether you're interested in functional or sculptural, geometric or organic, realism or abstract, this class will teach you techniques to make larger work and explore new possibilities. 

    We will finish the class by covering the basics of soda firing and exploring the one of a kind results only possible from atmospheric firing. Take your favorite pieces made in class and send them on a transformative journey resulting in surfaces that tell the story of the atmosphere, flame path, and position in the kiln.

$240 includes instruction and a reserved open studio day for all participants, 25 lbs. of clay, glazes and firing of up to 10 pieces. Class limited to 8 participants.

Throwing On The Wheel

With Rob Sheldon

Thursday Mornings  10am-1pm

Thursday Evenings  6pm - 9pm

Open to all skill levels!  In this Covid conscious environment, we are limiting the participants of each session to 8 and we request that you wear a mask throughout the entire class. Our studio will be set up to accommodate social distancing guidelines with a very strict 6 foot rule throughout the studio. Come further your abilities or begin a new journey in wheel throwing.  This 7 week class will provide you with enough information and hands on experience to create pots you'll love.  We will cover wedging, centering, pulling even walls, multiple handle making methods and more!

$215 includes instruction and a reserved open studio day for all participants, 25 lbs. of clay, glazes and firing of up to 10 pieces. Class limited to 8 participants.

Throw and Glow

With Rob Sheldon

By Appointment Only

Come enjoy a full circle clay experience. During this two hour experience you will learn to throw on the potter's wheel and participate in a raku firing. After glazing bisque ware made by local artists, students will get their hands dirty on the potter's wheel. After the kiln is cooled you will take the finished pieces as a keepsake. The Throw and Glow offers someone with no prior pottery experience an opportunity to take part in all facets of the ceramic process.

During this time we are requesting that participants follow all CDC Covid-19 guidelines. Thank you!

$125 individuals

$175 couples

$45 each additional person

Hand building with Lindsey Browning

This class is for students with a basic understanding of handbuilding in clay who would like to expand their tactile vocabulary! Throughout the course we will revisit each of the methods of handbuilding (Pinch, Coil, and Slab). Each student will have the opportunity to bring their ideas forward for us to troubleshoot together!