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Resident Artist Gallery Show

February 9th to March 10th

Gallery Show Opening:

February 9th   5pm to 9pm

Join us at the Dogseye Gallery for the first show of 2024! The Resident Artist Gallery Show will feature work done by the amazing artists here at the Eye. The show opening reception is free and open to the public. There will be refreshments and music.

We look forward to seeing you here!

Slip Decorating with Kym Owens

March 2nd  10am-5pm

Learn how to enhance your pottery by applying multiple decorating techniques using slip. Ceramic artist, Kym Owens, will demonstrate how to decorate your pots by showing you all the fascinating ways of slip application.
Create one of a kind designs with a tactile feel using just slip.
Some of the things you will learn in this workshop is how to make your own slip using recycled clay, how to make colored slip using mason stains, and how to use a slip trailer including an automatic slip trailer called an Airpen.

Participants will need to bring if they can:
● -xacto knife
● - tweezers
● - Scissors
● - notebook

$95 includes instruction, 2 cups and a tile to decorate, and a bisque firing. Participants will need to bring their own lunch for the workshop.

Roll for Creativity: Leaving Art to Chance

Wednesday Nights  6pm-9pm

March 6th-April17th

What if Pablo Picasso was a fabric artist? Imagine the Mona Lisa as a mosaic! In the class participants will leave art to chance.

Each week there will be an opportunity to pair an art movement with a different medium with the roll of the dice. For example, to get the class started participants will be diving into Cubism by making fabric sculptures.

This 7-week course will take participants on a journey through art history by discovering fresh ways to intertwine media & art movements. Participants will learn about various art movements, the big artists of that movement & examples of their work, before setting off on their own projects.


$185 includes instruction, materials for all projects, and a snack each class.

Wheel Throwing And Hand-building with Michelle Jane Tupper

Wednesday Nights 6pm-9pm

Open to all skill levels.

Learn how to make both functional pieces, and sculptural work utilizing both the wheel and hand-building techniques. 
Class also includes discussion and demonstration on glazing/underglaze techniques, types of firings, texture integration, making a mock-up, one part molds, reconstituting clay, making/using tools.
$325 includes 25lbs. of clay, use of a wide range of tools, firing, access to open studio hours, underglaze/glazes, plus a notebook for documenting sketches and ideas. Class is limited to 9 participants.

Intermediate Wheel Throwing with Rob Sheldon

Thursday Mornings 10am-1pm

Some prior wheel experience required!   Come expand your abilities by pushing yourself to new levels.  This 6 week class will provide you with enough information and hands-on experience to create pots you'll love.  This class will offer demonstrations on sectionals, multiples, lids and other more advanced techniques you've been wanting to try! 

$295 includes 25lbs. of clay, access to open studio, and firing of up to 10 pieces.

Class is limited to 9 participants.

Throwing On The Wheel With Rob Sheldon

Thursday Evenings  6pm - 9pm

Open to all skill levels!   Come and further your abilities or begin a new journey in wheel throwing.  This 6 week class will provide you with enough information and hands on experience to create pots you'll love.  We will cover wedging, centering, pulling even walls, multiple handle making methods and more!

$295 includes instruction and a reserved open studio day for all participants, 25 lbs. of clay, glazes and firing of up to 10 pieces. Class limited to 9 participants.

Ceramic Jewelry Workshop with Madison Thibodeaux

April 6th & 7th  10am-3pm each day

Learn basic hand building skills and discover decorative techniques for
creating ceramic jewelry. Including pendants, earrings, beads & more! Introduction on using tools for assembling your jewelry pieces. All skill levels are welcome!

$160 includes instruction, all materials needed to create multiple pairs of earrings, and firing of pieces. Participants will need to bring their own lunch each day.

Figurative Sculpting with Madeline DeStefano

April 20th-June 1st (No class May 18th)

Saturday Afternoon  1pm-4pm

This class is open to all skill levels.  We will be exploring a variety of hand building techniques.  Through demos we will learn different approaches for sculpting faces on both open and closed forms, as well as how to add expression to facial features.

$295 includes instruction, 25 lbs. of clay, and firing for up to 10 small to medium pieces.

Sgraffito Workshop with Sarah Anderson

April 13th and 14th  10am-4pm each day

Join Sarah Anderson for this two-day hands on workshop, deep diving into the details of sgraffito! She will combine the use of two-dimensional imagery onto a three-dimensional surface. Learn new ways to incorporate these elements together with the use of color, texture, movement, and other elements and principles of art. Explore surface design techniques, how to use negative and positive space to create illusions of depth, working with
the clay at various stages, underglaze tips, and more. Beginning with paper and clay tiles on the first day, we will graduate to working with the surfaces of thrown or hand built vessels during the second day. Participants are welcome to come prepared with leather hard pieces as well.

$350 includes instruction, materials, and a homemade lunch each day.

Hand Building Ceramic Pipes with Tre Thibodeaux

May 8th-22nd

Wednesday Nights  6pm-9pm

Make your own ceramic pipes! In this three-week class, you’ll learn basic hand
building skills including sculpting, section building & slab building. Enjoy decorating your finished pipes using underglaze painting skills. Open to all skill levels!

$95 includes instruction, materials to make multiple ceramic pipes, and firing for up to 10 pieces.

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